SafeCare is an in-home parent education curriculum developed at Georgia State University in the United States. The program has over 30 years of scientific research supporting its effectiveness at improving positive parenting skills. SafeCare has been introduced to Queensland in its first pilot on the Gold Coast as an early intervention approach.


How we help

SafeCare is designed for families with children 0 to 5 years and focuses on three key areas; parent-child/parent-infant interaction, child health and home safety. SafeCare educators work with parents each week for approximately 4 to 6 months to learn new skills in order to keep their children as a happy, healthy and safe as possible.


Families can self-refer into the program, or alternatively, support practitioners and other professionals working with the family can refer with the family’s consent. If you would like to know more about SafeCare, discuss a potential referral or get a copy of our referral form, please contact us on the following:

Email: safecaregc@actforkids.com.au
Phone: 07 5508 3800

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