Diversity and Belonging


Learn about our commitment to Diversity and Belonging…

At Act for Kids we focus on attracting, recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, as well as cultivating a supportive workplace environment that encourages and engages in diversity.

A diverse workplace will have a deeper understanding of the needs of ​the community, creating opportunities for responsive and inclusive client practice.

Workplace diversity involves recognising the value of individual differences and ​​managing them fairly in the workplace.​

Our Diversity and Belonging Commitment:

Our Team Members will…
  • treat each other with courtesy and respect
  • foster good working relationships
  • listen to the views of others without prejudice
  • draw on team members’ diverse backgrounds, skills and talents
  • focus on where our diverse attributes may be enhanced and of value to the working environment
  • develop personal understanding and knowledge of diversity
  • promote the principles of workplace diversity and belonging and apply these in daily work activities and dealings with other staff and clients
  • comply with all relevant legislation and standards relevant to workplace diversity and belonging
Our Managers will…
  • display a positive commitment to workplace diversity
  • actively support and implement diversity and inclusion strategies, policies and programs at work
  • work with teams to develop a healthy and supportive work environment
  • make the best use of diverse talents within the team to achieve results
  • support team members in managing their work and personal commitments
  • address inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
Our Senior Leaders will…
  • demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equity and diversity
  • lead, support and champion diversity initiatives
  • encourage and embrace a culture where diversity of the workforce is recognised and valued
  • plan for and invest in the current and future workforce

Here is what our team members say

motivates them to work for Act for Kids…

“I believe that providing children with opportunities to experience positive interactions with trusted adults can make a huge difference to their capacity to recover from trauma.”

“What motivates me to come to work is the unconditional support from my fellow colleagues and supervisor, I think Act for Kids in a whole promotes a great level of self-care which reflects our practice when working with our families.”

“Act for Kids is a wonderful organisation that is truly focused on great outcomes for children. It’s not hard to be committed to that.”