Learn to be Safe with Emmy and Friends


Learn to Be Safe with Emmy and Friends is a protective behaviour program that helps kids, carers and the community recognise, react to and report unsafe or risky situations so we can all help keep kids safe.

Learn to Be Safe with Emmy and Friends has two key themes:

  • We all have the right to feel safe and be safe all the time.
  • We can tell a safe adult anything, no matter what.

The program includes evidence-based, age-appropriate activitys, resources, lesson plans, scripts and videos. The program can be delivered in schools by one of our qualified Emmy facilitators, or by trained educators.

Did you know?

Our song “Yes or No — A Song About Consent” won Best Children’s Song award by the Queensland Music Academy!

Free Resources

You can download our Learn to Be Safe with Emmy and Friends resources.

  • Protective Behaviours
  • Responding to a Disclosure
  • Reporting Concerns
  • Digital Children’s Book
  • Posters
  • Worksheets

Protective Behaviours

Protective behaviours are the knowledge and skills kids can use to be safe.

Click our resources below to learn more.

Responding to a Disclosure

If a child has communicated abuse, it is important to respond with care.

Click our resources below to learn more.

Reporting Concerns

We can help keep kids safe by teaching them how to recognise, react to and report any unsafe behaviour.

Click our resources below to learn more.

Our Digital Children's Book

A children’s book designed to help adults introduce the difference between being safe and unsafe, and the role of adults to help keep them safe.

Click our resources below to learn more.


These posters hold key messages that you can talk about with children to help keep them safe. Click on each to download them, or download them all, here.


These activity sheets can be completed with primary aged children to help them think about safety and help carers understand their child’s knowledge of personal safety. (Ideal for children 5–10 years old). Click on each to download them, or download them all, here.


Prepare to laugh and learn. Our Learn to be Safe animation series introduces young children and their protective adults to key protective behaviours concepts including feelings, warning signs, private body parts, secrets and help seeking through light-hearted child narrated animations.

Play Video

"I can't find my feelings!"

Play Video

"From my head to my toes!"

Play Video

"Our Private Parts have rules!"

Play Video

"We don't have tentacles and volvos!"

Play Video

"Tell, Tell and Tell again"


Our Learn to be Safe songs are catchy! They also help kids and their parents learn about Consent, Secrets and to “Tell Tell Tell again if something is wrong” through repetition in song and dance.

Learn to be Safe – A song about help seeking

Yes or No – A song about consent (QLD Music Award Winner)

Secrets – A song about secrets

Program Information

Face to Face or Virtual Delivery Options

We currently have face to face Early Primary School Educators in Sydney and Adelaide.

These include the facilitation of 5 x protective behaviours sessions in classroom settings

We can also provide virtual training sessions for children in Early Primary school using online platforms to any school in Australia.

Online and Virtual Training Options

We can also offer Protective Behaviours tailored educator training and coaching online. Contact us to find out more.

Parent Information Webinars

Coming soon!

Contact us

For more information on our resources please contact:

Danielle Groden
0414 948 989