Career FAQs


Find answers to questions about working at Act for Kids.

Please visit our Act for Kids Vacancies page to view all current vacancies.

All our advertised vacancies have the detail of the Recruitment Manager listed. If you have any questions about the position or the organisation, please get in touch.

We are looking for passionate people to join our purpose in helping keep kids safe, heal from trauma and lead happy lives. Our recruitment processes focus on selecting qualified (where applicable), experienced and capable team members who are client-focused, engaged and align to our organisational values. We recruit based on merit through a fair and open selection process.

After the closing date the recruitment panel will review all job applications against the key responsibilities of the position description. They will review an applicant’s qualifications (where applicable), experience, capability, and values alignment to Act for Kids.

The Recruitment Manager may initially contact you to undertake a telephone screening interview. If your qualifications (where applicable), experience, capability and values align to the position and organisation, you will be offered a face to face interview with the recruitment panel. Act for Kids interviews are behavioural based,  providing you with the opportunity to discuss your skills, experience and knowledge through examples from your previous experience.

For some roles you may also be asked to present a case scenario at the interview, undertake psychometric testing, or be invited to a second stage interview. A second stage interview is a great opportunity to build on your first interview and to meet more of the team and ask further questions you may have about a career with Act for Kids.

After the interview/s are complete, if you have progressed further in the recruitment process, we will contact you about advancing to referee checks. At this stage Act for Kids would ask for the contact details of two professional referees.

Whether your application has been successful or unsuccessful for a vacancy we will let you know as soon as possible via phone or email.

Candidates that are unsuccessful for a vacancy are encouraged to regularly visit our Act for Kids Vacancies page for any other positions that may be suitable.

Due to the small size of our organisation and very limited supervision possibilities supporting someone externally undertaking a student placement or volunteering experience is strictly limited. If you are undertaking your undergraduate (minimum 3rd year) or Masters degree in Social Work, Psychology, Speech Pathology or Occupational Therapy and are looking for a placement opportunity at the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Townsville, or Cairns, please email mail@actforkids.com.au