Supporting Kids and Families during a crisis

3 March 2022





Act for Kids extend our sincerest condolences to everyone that has been impacted by the devastating weather events that are occurring across South East Queensland and New South Wales.

Our team is continuing to ensure that we provide vital support to children and families during this challenging time.

Events such as this can often causes significant stresses and anxiety. Therefore, it is important that we work together to protect the vulnerable people within our community, particularly children.

Children can often feed off of adult’s behaviours and emotions – which is why it is important to reassure them that the authorities are working hard to keep everyone safe and get things back to normal, including the reopening of their school if it has been flooded.

When conversing with children about the current events, we are encouraging parents and carers to try and remain calm, and to keep conversations age-appropriate in an effort to avoid adding any additional anxiety or feelings of fear amongst children.

Sadly, we know that cases of domestic and family violence can increase during times of uncertainty and hardship, which is why it important to check in with family, neighbours and friends – and be vigilant in their efforts to protect our children.

We are encouraging members of the community to familiarise themselves with the signs of abuse and neglect, and what to do if they suspect a child may be at risk of harm.

We appreciate that many people are likely to experience significant stress and trauma as a result of these continuing weather events, due to increased pressures with housing, financial stress, and other contributing factors that may present a range of mental health challenges.

We urge anyone who needs assistance to seek help if you, or someone you know, is struggling. There are many services that can offer support, including:

  • Lifeline: 13 11 14
  • Family & Child Connect: 13 32 64
  • DV Connect: 1800 811 811
  • DV Mensline: 1800 600 636
  • Sexual Assault: 1800 010 120
  • DV Support: 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 738)

For anyone who needs financial support – the Federal Government has announced 1,000 dollars per eligible adults and 400 dollars per child is available to families who are impacted by these events. For more information please visit:

Please remain safe throughout these challenging times, and look out for one another.